HUD's LGBTQIA+ Fair Housing Toolkit


The goal of the LGBTQIA+ Fair Housing Toolkit is to educate housing providers, tenants, applicants and other housing consumers on LGBTQIA+ fair housing protections to advance housing equity for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

This toolkit:

  • Provides an overview of key fair housing laws, regulations, and executive orders related to LGBTQIA+ protections
  • Provides a summary of HUD’s Equal Access Rule
  • Describes the specific protected housing rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals
  • Introduces housing providers to culturally competent definitions and terminology used when discussing sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Provides information on the ways housing providers can prevent housing discrimination in their daily operations
  • Provides detailed information on how and when an individual can report housing discrimination

To view the full toolkit, click here